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Border Collie Dog Breed

by Long Nguyễn
Border Collie Dog Breed

Border Collie Alternate Names

Border Collie

Border Collie Appearance

Body: Well balanced and athletic, muscular and agile with a deep, moderately broad chest and well sprung ribs

Coat: Tight and dense weather-resistant double coat. There are two varieties: rough and smooth

Color: Most frequently found in black and white but are also found in many other colors such as, black/tan/white, red and white, blue and white, red merle, blue merle, or sable

Ears: Medium sized, set well apart and alert and may hold one or both ears erect

Eyes: Large and set wide apart

Feet: Compact and oval with deep pads and arched toes

Head: Wedge-shaped

Legs: Forelegs are adequately long with somewhat sloping pasterns. Hind legs are wide and well muscled

Neck: Strong, muscular, and slightly arched

Weight: 30 – 49 pounds (14 – 22kg)
Height: 18 – 22 inches (46 – 56cm)

Tail: Carried low with an upward curve at the top

Border Collie Behavior

Recommended for experienced owners only
Good with children

Considered to be one of the smartest of all the breeds of dogs, the Border Collie has a keen eye, is quick thinking, and has an endless desire to work. Don’t consider owning this dog unless you are able to devote vast amounts of time and energy hiking, running, playing and doing other outdoor activities with him. Their intelligent minds need constant stimulation or they will become bored, hyperactive and possibly destructive.

Because of their superior ability to think and reason, the Border Collie can be both difficult and challenging to train. Not only will he quickly learn what you teach him, he will also quickly learn how to do whatever he puts his mind to doing. He will become a regular Houdini when it comes to escaping the confines of his yard by learning how to work the lock on the gate.

Michele Welton, author of Your Purebred Puppy says “trying to train an intelligent Border Collie can be frustrating, because they are constantly thinking, analyzing, and reacting to every tiny movement you make.” She also says “they are passionate gatherers of cars, bikes, joggers, cats, other dogs, livestock, deer, and running children – poking, pushing, and nipping if the object/animal/person doesn’t cooperate.”

Many Border Collie dogs are brought home by inexperienced handlers who don’t provide the mental and physical activity they need. They are soon labeled as hyperactive or neurotic and turned over to animal rescue units. If you are new to dogs or still a novice at working with them, leave the Border Collie alone and seek a different breed of dog more suitable to your abilities.

Border Collie Dog
Border Collie Dog

Border Collie Breed Type

AKC Group: Herding Group

The Border Collie was bred to herd sheep and other livestock. The Complete Dog Book by The American Kennel Club says the Border Collie is “recognized as the premier sheepherding dog worldwide.”

Border Collie Care and Grooming

Exercise: Vast amounts of varied and challenging exercise is a must

Grooming: Weekly brushing is usually enough. However, the Border Collie sheds heavily two times yearly when daily grooming will be required

Border Collie Health

Life Expectancy: 12 – 15 Years

Possible Problems:
Elbow Dysplasia
Eyes – should have examined by an Veterinary Ophthalmologist at six to eight weeks of age
Hip Dysplasia

Border Collie Country of Origin

United Kingdom – 1700s

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