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Cornish Rex Cat Breed

by Long Nguyễn
Cornish Rex Cat Breed

Cornish Rex Appearance

The Cornish Rex is a medium size, cat with extraordinary appearance and alert expression. This breed is lot less exaggerated that its cousin, The Devon Rex. They are very muscular cat with Egg-shaped head and fairly tall ears. Their eyes are oval with wavy eyebrows. The tail is long, slender and tapering to a fine tip. The Cornish Rex body has been compared to a Whippet dogs because of its arched back, barrel chest, small waist and very long, fine legs. The weight of the Cornish Rex is 6 to 10 pounds.

The Cornish Rex cat has a short and velvety coat with regular waves. Its coat feels like crushed velvet to the touch. All colors and pattern are accepted but the most common colors are cinnamon silver, tortie, white and chocolate point.

Cornish Rex Kittens
Cornish Rex Kittens

Cornish Rex Temperament

The Cornish Rex is people cats they are playful, adore companionship and like nothing more than a comfortable lap to sit on. They are highly intelligent, curious and mischievous, like to know all that is going around them and they are always alert when awake.

Is Cornish Rex the right Breed for You?

The Cornish Rex cat is extremely affectionate, friendly, alert and people-oriented. If you are looking for a quiet and calm cat this is not a breed for you. They are very active breed that like to climb, play fetch, race other pets, or do acrobatic jumps. Cornish Rex’s generally get along well with any cats and dogs and is good with children

Cornish Rex Cat
Cornish Rex Cat

Cornish Rex Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Cornish Rex is around 9-12 years.

Cornish Rex Health Problems

The Cornish Rex is a relatively healthy breed. But due of their poor coat, they might suffer from easy loss of body heat. Other health problems that a Cornish Rex cat might confront are various heart issues and thyroid deficiency.

Cornish Rex Cat
Cornish Rex Cat

Cornish Rex Care and Grooming

The Cornish Rex cat is relatively easy to maintain, however, although it sheds little hair, it does require brushing to get rid of any dead hair and to maintain its coat. The Cornish Rex cats should not be bathed more often than once every six weeks to keep their skin from drying out. It is recommended for all cats and household pets to have annual vaccinations, veterinary checkups, and a quality diet. Keep the ears clean and their claws trim.

Cornish Rex Shedding

The Cornish Rex sheds a little to no hair, therefore may be best suited for those with allergies.

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